Well ‘Come on Down!’ You’re the next contestant on the Event Game Shows Blog! We aim to use this blog to help event planners of all ages better understand how our shows work, and why they can work for your events. We have been in the business of game shows for quite a long time, and with that time invested comes a great deal of experience in providing and producing high-quality live entertainment. Today on the blog, we’re talking to student event planners all across the country, seeking to find an engaging way to entertain their college Springfest.

We’ve worked with colleges all over the country, and today we’re here to tell you why The Pop-up game show is the perfect addition to your Springfest event!

Here are 5 reasons to consider The Pop-Up Game Show for your Springfest event!

People LOVE Winning!

If you haven’t noticed, people of all ages love game shows. The thrill of being a contestant, the nerves and anticipation of the contestants’ next move, the JOY, and the celebration of victory. No matter your event, you can bet that students will be attracted to competing.. And WINNING! Each game show includes fun prizes! 

Engaging Addition to Bigger Event

Whatever you have planned for your Springfest, The Pop-up game show is the perfect addition, because it can stand alone, but if you have multiple programs and activities planned for the day, it also can work as a way for students to come and go as they wish. Each participant can play with up to 4 contestants at a time, and players will participate in 5-10 minute mini-games for prizes. This allows MANY people to get a chance to play, and also allows for onlookers to get involved and cheer each other on! No stage? No problem! All we need is a 10 x 10 area, we’ll bring the rest! 

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Great for Passive Programming

If you’re a college event planner or Student Activity Director, you’ve probably heard the term “passive programming” tossed around the last few months. Trying to get kids out of their dorms and into student events is harder than ever, but featuring some passive programming options can help improve your overall participation. The Pop-up game show is a great program because though anyone around will have a show to observe and enjoy, participation isn’t mandatory to have a good time!

Smaller Scale Production, Same Great Host

The Pop-up game show isn’t all we do, we can go big or small. We work with your budget to help you provide your students with the best experience possible. If you are considering a full-scale game show, we certainly can make that happen! If you’re thinking about something more passive, or considering having a pop-up game show as a portion of your bigger Springfest event, rest assured that the smaller stage has no effect on the performance of our big hosts! Our professional comedian hosts are no less entertaining or engaging with a pop-up show as a full-scale production! We bring the energy!

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Experience Counts.

As we mentioned, we have been providing live game show events for colleges for a long time. We have invested a lot of blood sweat and tears into our business, and work tirelessly to provide the best game show events around! When you partner with Event Game Shows for your college events, you’re getting decades of experience working with student activity directors and students. If you’re considering a game show for your Springfest event, know that we are your trusted choice to ensure everything goes according to plan.

If you’re considering a game show for your Springfest or any college event, we invite you to reach out via our contact form, or give us a call! We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have regarding your event, venue, pricing options, or any other matter. Good luck in your pursuit of engaging entertainment! We look forward to meeting you!