It might be June, but orientation will be soon! Do you need some fun event ideas for college students? Make sure your student body is vaccinated and get into some Grade A entertainment with these live game shows. At EGS we offer a large variety of funny and challenging shows perfect to meet any need you have. With schools re-opening, you’re going to need a college campus event going. Game show fun is second to none, so make sure you book today!

Game Show Entertainment and Prizes

Your college campus event for new students is going to need icebreakers.  A great way to get everyone on the same page is with some trivia! We offer a variety of trivia games, like the Free Money Game Show, a combination of Jeopardy and Minute to Win It. In this show, contestants answer pop-culture trivia questions and complete wacky physical challenges to win cash prizes. Everybody loves this show and anybody can win!

Adam hosting the free money game show for college campus event

Live College Campus Events from the audience!

Does getting on-stage have you nervous? Fear not, we offer games that you can play while in the audience too! One such game we have available is Cell Phone Smackdown! Another trivia game, this one uses your smartphone or tablet as a buzzer to answer questions. The app is available on both Apple and Google Play Stores so all can participate from your seat! Cell Phone Smackdown can even be played as a team. 

A Timeless Classic

Everyone loves bingo. How about a twist on the classic numbers-calling game? Playlist Bingo has you covered! We have a large variety of topics in this game, from movie quotes and TV theme songs to Disney movies and rap music. Additionally, you can submit your own categories to use as well like sports or local trivia. Whoever knows their pop culture or can name their tunes can be a winner! A professional comedian will host the event, who’ll be sure to get the crowd roaring in laughter while the game goes on.

Contact Us!

These are far from the only options available from Event Game Shows.  We offer a whole suite of other live events and even plenty of virtual offerings. Stay tuned to our blog for more game show ideas for school and commentary. Contact us today to start planning your next fun college campus event!