Here at Event Game Shows, we know that the humble art form known as the game show is an American staple and is a beloved guest on TV screens across the country. But have you ever wanted to play one of those game shows you’ve seen on TV?

That’s a bit of a trick question. Of course, you have wanted to play a game show like that.  Whether it be something like Family Feud, The Price is Right, or one of the many, many others, seeing people win money is always exciting – and you’ve no doubt wished to be in those shoes. Well, do we have some news for you! 

Spill the beans, website. What is it?

We have our own version of Family Feud! Survey Says… you’ll have a great time playing this exciting game show! The Survey Game Show is available in two styles of play. A head-to-head battle royale-style game show is one option, or you can split into teams for an experience just like the hit show! 

The same questions are used in both variations, with answers sourced from 100 audience member surveys. The answer that the audience gave the most will get the most points! 

As always, our game shows are hosted by a professional comedian. Our game shows are available in multiple formats, live on-location, or livestreamed with our state-of-the-art tech! 

We have a whole host of games as seen on tv, in addition to our trivia and bingo game shows you know and love. Check out our options if you’re unsure about our Family Feud-inspired game show, we have no shortage of others. 

Start Your Game Show! 

Stay up to date with our blog for more game show fun! Talking game shows are almost as fun as watching them, so you know there are going to be some good nuggets in here. 

Get in touch with EGS, the best name in entertaining game shows for college events and corporate parties. ALL of our game shows are available in multiple formats. ALL of our games are ALWAYS hosted by a professional comedian. Not to mention, we bring the dough! Play is broken into four rounds, giving multiple participants the chance to WIN! 

You can contact us and start your show by filling out our online contact form here or calling us at (800).993.6366. Take the stress out of getting entertainment for your event and bring EGS in.