Hello and welcome back to the blog here at Event Game Shows! We know when new game shows get announced, we all get excited. What are the rules? What will it be about? Will we like the host? Will it be comedic in nature or more dramatized?  These questions and more race through our minds as we hear about game shows that are debuting for the first time.  When game shows are based on popular games we already are familiar with, many of those questions are answered. We recognize the basic framework so we don’t have to waste time understanding how the game is played and can simply enjoy the show. This new game show is in that category because it’s Pictionary

Pictionary, one of everyone’s favorite board games, has officially been cleared in 90% of the US and is locked into a Fall 2022 premiere. The game show is set to be hosted by Jerry O’Connell

Hardcore fans of Pictionary-related TV gameshows may recognize Win, Lose or Draw as the first run of Pictionary on the small screen. That game wasn’t officially a rendition of Pictionary, but the nod to the popular board game is apparent. Its run lasted from 1987 to 1989.

With multiple stations signing on to host the show, it should be able to reach numerous new audiences. The game show was previously cleared for Fox Television Stations and its various properties.

How will the Pictionary Game Show be Played?

This new game show follows the rules of the classic Mattel game, Pictionary. The game divides groups into two teams of 3 players each, including one celebrity captain per team. One player draws images that exemplify a word or phrase found on a card chosen at random while their teammates guess what the word or phrase on the card is. 

Of course, as is customary for modern big-budget TV GameShows, the prizes are extravagant. The grand prize winner receives an exotic destination vacation! 

EGS professional comedian game show host standing next to winner

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