People Often Ask…

Will everyone have a chance to participate in the game?

Yes. Most of our games incorporate the entire audience and the rest of them give everyone a chance to participate with lots of them playing the game, getting down on the dance floor, or at least having some good laughs..

Is it real money that you give away?

Yes! We bring the CASH prizes and hand it directly to the winners when they win.. no strings attached!

I'm not sure if we have room for this... we may not have a stage available..

Not a problem, our game show set ups work anywhere.  We have done game shows in Theaters, Lecture Halls, Classrooms, Multipurpose Rooms, Gymnasiums and Open Areas in Student Center Lobbys.  

Our game shows work on or off a stage.   If you have a 10×10 space and room for an audience than we can do a game show!

Why do we need to hire someone to host a game show instead of hosting it ourself?

We bring over $10,000 in professional game show equipment

You will have a host with years and years of on stage experience hosting the game for you

All of your audience will get to participate and play instead of some of them trying to run and host the game

It will save you hours and hours and hours of work preparing a game on your own  

All you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the show, we will take care of everything!

This isn't going to be like ... a real game show like on TV is it?

Yes, It is!  And it is even better because instead of just watching you get to play!  All of the familiar elements will be there.  Buzzers, Scoreboards, Microphones, Contestant Podiums, Professional Looking Host and Host Podium.  It will look and feel like a real game show!  Just like you would see on TV!  

What would we have to provide? Or what would you need us to have when you arrive?

99% of the time we will have everything needed to put on the game show, all we would require is access to a power outlet.  We take care of everything else.    We bring, the sound system, the microphones, the podiums, literally everything!  

How Does It All Work?


“[The Free Money Game Show] was fantastic!… the students were super into it and really enjoyed themselves!”

Pace University

“Everything went well at the event [The Dating Game Show], and the students truly enjoyed themselves. Additionally, Adam [Ace] was also a great host. It was such a pleasure and I hope to do business with you in the future.”

Mount Saint Mary's College

“[Free Money Game Show] was absolutely amazing! We had over 200 students attend and everyone who attended absolutely loved the show, games, and host! Adam is always amazing and I love his energy. We will definitely have him back to campus this Fall and Spring!”

Neumann College


With the largest variety of game shows, we have something for everyone. From corporate events to college campuses, we customize our game shows for audiences of all ages. Send us your information or give us a call to learn more or schedule a demo today. Let's have some fun! 

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