Welcome back to our blog here at Event Game Shows! Whenever new game shows are on our TV screens, we get excited. Learning the new rules of the game, following along the fun and action, and getting elated or devastated with our favorite contestants as they win or lose. Recently the first season of ABC’s new game show, ‘The Final Straw’, began, and its been a blast! 

Here’s what you need to know about the new hit game show, and how the players win! 

How Does It Work?

The Final Straw has four rounds. Three initial rounds, and fourth, final round called “Megastack”. Four teams of two players are presented with an assortment of items in a stack, and each stack has a theme. Each team takes turns removing one object from the tower at a time, with one teammate going each turn. 

Teams are given as much time as they need to remove items from the stack, and are provided a ladder to reach the higher items. However, some of the items are “sabotages” and will cause the collapse of the tower. If the stack of items collapses while a team is taking their turn, they’re eliminated! If the stack remains upright after a team collects their item, then the next team takes its turn.

Winning teams from the first two rounds are awarded $5000 and move on to the third round, where the prize for the winners are doubled to $10,000 and they move on to the Megastack. The Megastack is built with “cash capsules” that must be removed within a time limit, and drop the capsules into a vault on the stage after being removed. 

By collecting the maximum number of capsules (15) from the tower’s top level, the winners receive $250,000. Teams may decide to stop playing and keep their current winnings after completing a level. Winnings are reduced if the tower collapses. 

It’s Jenga, but with a fun twist for cash! What’s not to like about it? 

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