The summer months offer a great time to recharge your worker’s batteries via a staff retreat. Take advantage of the good weather and team-building atmosphere with a game show from Event Game Shows! We have over two dozen game shows and themes to select from to build that team mindset in your staff. 

Our game shows are a great source of entertainment for any staff retreat or fundraiser. We always bring the high-energy game show vibe in our Trivia Game Shows, Bingo Game Shows, and Game Shows Seen on TV with our professional comedian hosts! Plus, we ALWAYS bring REAL CASH prizes! If you like, you can even have the winnings donated to a charity of your choosing, or have the winners select a local charity. Everyone wins! 

Each of our shows includes four rounds of play so that multiple people can have a chance to win. Our shows typically last between 60-70 minutes, but can be as quick as 30 minutes if you’re pressed for time.

Why Should I Book a Game Show for Our Staff Retreat?

Well, like we mentioned a few lines ago, our shows give out CASH prizes to winners! Plus, our game shows are the best in entertainment and engagement. Plus, as we’ve talked about in other blogs, our game shows are a perfect icebreaker! 

Our game shows here at EGS are available in multiple formats. You could have your professional comedian host at your event live in person, or live-streamed to your location via our state-of-the-art technology! Virtual or in person, we bring the show to you

Start Your Show! 

You can also find us on YouTube!

We have 25 game shows on our roster and are constantly adding more. Stay tuned to our blog for more game show news and updates from us here at Event Game Shows. 

Not sure if a game show is right for your business’s or school’s staff retreat? Check out our corporate page to learn more and see some testimonials. You can also see a wider variety of client testimonials here. 

Get in touch with EGS and start your show! You can call us at (800)-993-6366, by emailing [email protected], or by filling out our contact form!