Are you planning a company icebreaker event for your new hires? If you are or just looking for something to book for a company party, then Event Game Shows is here for you! The humble game show is a perfect icebreaker and great for any corporate event.

That’s Great, But Why Would I Want a Game Show?

Here at EGS, our game shows give out REAL cash to winners. Who doesn’t love getting money? You already know the answer there. Plus, game shows are relaxed and fun. 

Did we mention that they’re also a perfect icebreaker? Because it’s true. Building corporate team chemistry is easier when everyone is having a good time, and who isn’t having a good time in the middle of a game show? 

"Who will win" reads the large, green LED game show sign

What Game Shows Should We Go With?

They’re all great, but we’ll stick with some of our top favorites. Love watching classic game shows at home? Want to play a “name that tune”-style trivia game? Well, we have the Free Money Game Show here at EGS, a blend of the best parts of “Jeopardy!” and “Minute To Win It”. 

The show is always hosted by a professional comedian whether live in-person or live online. This entertaining game show blends trivia and wacky physical challenges to provide a unique experience. Your company’s icebreaker event will be one that won’t soon be forgotten! 

Does the Free Money Game Show sound like it might be more involved than you were thinking? No worries, you can also play The Survey Game Show! A Family Feud-inspired game where you guess the right answer according to what “The survey says…” on the fly! This show is an instant favorite because just about everyone knows how to play already! And of course, we give out REAL CASH prizes to winners! What are you waiting for?

Start Your (Game) Show!

Here at EGS, we know the art of the game show. All of our offerings are incredibly entertaining and great for just about any event! Remember, all of our game shows are available live or virtual! Follow along with our blog for more posts on fun event ideas. 

If you’re in need of an interesting or engaging corporate event, Event Game Shows is your place to go. EGS knows how to put on a show, and we ALWAYS bring the dough!  Get in touch today by calling us at 800.993.6366, or by filling out an online contact form