Hello and welcome back to the blog here at Event Game Shows! If you’ve spent some time on streaming services recently, we’re sure you’ve seen a booming of game show games popping up in various forms. From trivia-based adventure to disguising cakes as everyday objects, it seems like there’s a new show every couple of months being launched. 

Interactive Quiz Game Trivia Quest

Based on a mid-2010s hit mobile app that’s based on board games like Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Quest is an interactive trivia game. This game show challenges players with questions about Art, Science, Sports, History, Geography, and Entertainment. Viewers are challenged with two questions in each of the six categories and use their remote to choose an answer. Correct answers award the viewer with stars, that add up to form keys, to free your trivia guide’s friends.

It’s a fun quiz game loosely based on a classic board game. However, if you ask us, having a professional comic as your host either live on-location or live-streamed beats a prerecorded guide any day. Check out our roster of hosts

Cooking-Based Game Show, Is It Cake? 

Another new game show on Netflix’s trending list is a fun internet concept, Is It Cake?, hosted by SNL alumn Mikey Day. The object is bakers must disguise cakes as other food items or everyday objects and fool a changing panel of 3 judges who must unanimously choose which item is the cake. The best combination of design, deliciousness and disguise wins in the case of a tie. Then, the winning baker must choose between stacks of money, but one is a cake in disguise! 

Is the show corny? Absolutely, but it also leans heavily into that and plays it up to where it’s genuinely funny. Adding on the cast of bakers tends to be helpful and courteous despite competing against each other and the wholesome aura surrounding the show is fun for everyone. 

Free Money Game Show from Event Game Shows

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