Virtual or In Person…….It’s totally up to you!

Now with MORE accessibility and GREATER reach

Though we are excited to get back on stage, we are still offering the virtual option, too. With virtual events, we found that people enjoyed playing from anywhere, engagement was even greater than ever, and the best part? You get to decide!

Option 1: A live professional host comes to you, complete with on site staging and buzzers with the ability to stream the event anywhere.

Option 2: Your host is live-streaming from a remote studio. Same show and high-energy vibes – minus the cost of travel (wow, that’s nice!) 

Both options allow participants to play in one room, multiple rooms or from satellite locations.

Inclusive Audience Experience

We offer more than 25 game shows with $200 in cash prizes for EVERY show! That’s right – every participant has the chance to win FREE MONEY just for playing. Every game show is completely customizable, with the option for customers to submit trivia questions to mold the experience.

Check out this video to learn more!



If you have any questions please let us know, and ask about how we can create a custom game show experience for you!


“[The Free Money Game Show] was fantastic!… the students were super into it and really enjoyed themselves!”

Pace University

“Everything went well at the event [The Dating Game Show], and the students truly enjoyed themselves. Additionally, Adam [Ace] was also a great host. It was such a pleasure and I hope to do business with you in the future.”

Mount Saint Mary's College

“[Free Money Game Show] was absolutely amazing! We had over 200 students attend and everyone who attended absolutely loved the show, games, and host! Adam is always amazing and I love his energy. We will definitely have him back to campus this Fall and Spring!”

Neumann College


With the largest variety of game shows, we have something for everyone. From corporate events to college campuses, we customize our game shows for audiences of all ages. Send us your information or give us a call to learn more or schedule a demo today. Let's have some fun! 

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