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At Event Game Shows, we’ve created games that bring teams together. Our game shows are a great way to enhance collaboration and strengthen bonds among team members. Our themed game shows are offer fun, competitive play for every occasion. They appeal to both trivia buffs and music lovers alike. Here are just a few of our games to consider for your company’s next holiday party, employee appreciation event, gala or fundraiser: 


Let your teammates show off their knowledge with these fun trivia games. 

Movie Mania Trivia

Calling all movie buffs: this is your chance to shine. From inspiring Oscar winners to comic book heroes and animated family favorites, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite trivia from some of the most highly watched films that have made us all laugh and cry.

The Free Money Game Show

Can you identify a song in just a few beats? More importantly, can you do it faster than your colleagues? From old favorites to new hits, every music fan on your team will have a chance to shine in our Name-that-tune style challenge.

In The Free Money Game Show, the prizes are…you guessed it…FREE MONEY! We play four, sing-a-long rounds with cash prizes for every winner. Add more rounds or winners for a custom experience. 

Playlist Bingo

A music-themed bingo game where we play snippets of famous songs instead of calling out numbers. When you recognize the tune, mark off the artist on your Playlist Bingo card to dance your way to winnings.

All of our game shows are hosted by touring, professional comedians. They bring charm, wit and belly laughs to each show. We think it’s the perfect pair to our fun games – after all, laughter really is the best medicine.

Movie Bingo

We’ve given our Playlist Bingo a cinematic makeover. Give an Oscar-worthy effort when identifying hits from your favorite movie soundtracks. In Movie Bingo, you could play the starring role as the big winner if you can recognize enough songs.


Survey Game Show

Survey says get ready for the most fun you’ve ever had playing this “Family Feud” style game show where it’s all about coming up with the right answer on the fly. We have two versions for your favorite game – All participants can play in a head-to-head competition to see who can answer the most number 1 answers correctly or divide your audience into two teams and let them compete against one another to name the most popular answers just like the real thing!

The Price is What?

It’s time to “come on down!” Bring your shopping knowledge to this classic game, where you’ll guess the costs of everyday items. Whoever gets the closest guess to the actual retail price without going over is the winner!

Whether you’re hosting an employee appreciation event or a holiday celebration, EGS can help you plan something fun and engaging for your employees any time of the year. We handle every aspect of setting up, connecting and distributing prizes for hassle-free event planning. Request a demo today.
















































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