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Welcome back to the Event Game Shows blog! The holiday season is just around the corner, and we have the perfect holiday-themed game shows for your event! In our holiday-themed game shows , you’ll find out who listens to their holiday playlist year-round, and who know the most trivia about that magical time of year. 

Jingle Bingo

Think you have chart-topping jingle bells skills? Have the hang of Hannukkah songs? Put your musical knowledge to the test with Jingle Bingo! In Jingle Bingo, we’ve created the ultimate playlist of holiday songs for your next company holiday party that will keep you dancing into the new year.

It’s like the classic bingo game you love, but instead of calling out numbers, we play snippets of holiday-themed songs and ask if you know the artist. If you do and have the artist on your card, mark it off. The first to line up five in a row is the “Jingle Bingo” winner! A fun twist on the classic game everyone knows and loves.

Reindeer Games

Take the reins and sleigh with your knowledge on holiday themed trivia. In Reindeer Games, you’ll discover fun facts like which popular Christmas song was actually intended for Thanksgiving, why stockings are hung by the fire, which president first celebrated Hannukkah at the White House, and more! Best paired with a tall glass of eggnog and a gingerbread cookie, it’s the most festive and engaging trivia game you’ll play all year!

As always, our holiday shows come with $200 in CASH PRIZES (we can provide gift cards or alternative prizes upon request), are exciting, engaging, and fun, easy-to-play, hundreds of player capacity, and no prep setup! Just contact us, pick your date, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Kickstart Your Holiday-Themed Game Show! 

Your company’s holiday event is rapidly approaching! Tis the season to plan your budget, so get your events set and be hassle-free. Reserve your holiday-themed game show today! EGS is your home for the best game show experience.

Meet our hosts! We keep the high-energy vibe going steady with our professional comedian hosts. So, grab your holiday sweater and get ready for an unforgettable night of laughter!

Let Santa’s elves take out the hassle of planning your holiday event. We handle every aspect of setting up, connecting and distributing prizes for a true plug-and-play experience. Call us at 800-993-6366 or fill out an online form. Our elves will take care of the rest!

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