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In-Person Events: One of our professional comedians host your game show experience LIVE at your location

Live-Streamed Events: Your game show is hosted by one of our professional comedians via live stream to your location using state-of-the-art entertainment technology.

Both options allow participants to play in one room, multiple rooms, dorm rooms or from satellite locations.

Every game show package is customizable to fit your audience!


With the largest variety of game shows, we have something for everyone. From corporate events to college campuses, we customize our game shows for audiences of all ages. Send us your information or give us a call to learn more or schedule a demo today. Let's have some fun! 

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“Adam and Gerry did an AMAZING job!! TEAM Carfax had a lot of fun! We would love to book again. That was such a great experience.” – CARFAX

“Our team LOVED the event! I don’t think we have ever laughed that much.” – Maddy, Burt’s Bees

“We LOVED it! It was a big hit. It was very well organized, lots of positive energy and good laughs. We will absolutely keep your company in mind for future events.” – Jessica, StockX