Here at Event Game Shows, we know the last year has been trying for everyone.  That’s why we’re proud to say we offer our games in two formats, live and virtual!  This way, everyone can participate in the fun.  

Great! Do In-Person and Virtual Game Shows Differ?

Now, this announcement might raise a question for you.  How will the shows differ between an in-person event and a virtual one? That answer is incredibly simple, it won’t!  The shows themselves and their prizes are very much the same and still very real and fun.  The only difference is whether a live MC comes to the school or not to host the game. That’s all!

adam ace hosting a live game show

That’s all?

Well, that isn’t entirely all.  Our fun virtual game show offerings are also less expensive than their live counterparts.  Think about it like this – we don’t have to come out to you, bring equipment, ensure it’s set up properly, confirm everything is working on-site, etc.  All of that costs time and money, and a virtual game avoids those concerns, so you save. 

Having your college student event go virtual doesn’t mean that you miss out on having one of our professional comedians hosting the fun. You still get that hilarious touch only a veteran of comedy can truly bring to delight your audience, just via live stream using top of the line entertainment technology. 

online game show fun

Do Game Shows Have Audience Limitations?

Both formats allow your audience to play from almost anywhere. You can have everyone together in one room, multiple rooms, your students’ dorms, or whatever satellite locations. With our live streaming tech and your internet, all of those are valid options to entertain.  

Each fun game show we offer is fully customizable to your needs.  Want your trivia night to be like Jeopardy! but all arts and culture? No problem! Doing a sports night and want to do a classic game like bingo? We have you covered. 

Contact Us!

At EGS, we’re all about the fun.  Check out the variety of games we offer! Hosting an event yourself is stressful and the students running it don’t get to experience the excitement of the crowd or win any money themselves. Take the hassle out and bring EGS in. Contact us today at (800) 993-6366 or by filling out a contact form.  Remember to stay tuned to our blog for more game show news and commentary!