Here at Event Game Shows, our love for the humble game show is pretty plain and obvious.  However, we don’t only like our own spins on popular, televised shows.  We also enjoy a classic bingo game.  

Why Choose Playlist Bingo?

Now, our bingo isn’t like the numbers-calling experience for the older crowd. At Event Game Shows, we go the extra mile and give it the treatment a proper game show deserves! We blend music and trivia to give you a unique and tailored experience. We make sure that the fun college event you planned goes off without a hitch and everyone has a great time.

As you may know, calling out numbers can get old fast. That’s why our spins on this staple are the best.  We’ll play a part of a song and then the contestants must know who performs it and have the artist on their game card.  If you’re the first to fill out a row, column, or diagonal and shout “Playlist Bingo”, you win $200! Also, If you miss your first chance – don’t worry, we plot out time to play multiple games in this game show. 

What Genres are Used in this Bingo Game?

Additionally, we make sure to take our musical selections from a variety of genres to give everyone a chance. Some of these are TV theme songs, boy bands, 80s music, rock music, and rap! That isn’t everything though, other categories can include movie quotes and Disney Movies.  Of course, you can also very easily ask to have the game tailored to include or exclude certain genres too. Your fun college game will be the talk of campus!

Contact Us!

You can also check out what others have had to say about EGS’ top-notch service! Don’t forget to stay tuned to our blog for more game show ideas, news, commentary and features. You can also check out our social media and follow along with the fun! Playlist Bingo is available both live in-person and live-streamed on the web with our state-of-the-art technology, like all our other games. Whether you play our game show games online or in person, you will always have a professional comedian hosting your game show entertainment.

Our games get more fun as they go, and we always bring the dough! Bingo doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring, and Playlist Bingo is here to bring you a show. Reach out and call (800) 993-6366 or fill out a contact form today to enquire about bringing Playlist Bingo or any of our other excellent and entertaining game show games to your school or business.