It’s been a while since we began our countdown of the top 15 most inspiring Game Show hosts. We know you’ve all been anticipating the final countdown.. So without further adieu.. Here’s the top 5 most inspiring game show hosts of all time! Remember.. if you are a college, school, or company who is looking for live or virtual game show events for your group, we have options! Head over to our game shows page to see a few! Okay.. here’s the final 5!

Top 5 Most Inspirational Game Show Hosts of All Time!

Number 5 – Ben Bailey – Cash Cab (2005-)

Ben Bailey!? You may be wondering how Ben managed to crack the top 5 amongst so many legends. Well hear us out.. Cash Cab is one of, if not the only traveling game show, as contestants are surprised by the incognito game show host who shocks the unknowing cab rider into a series of questions to win cash money. The Cash Cab game show is so unique, we couldn’t not add it to the list, and Ben brings such a unique touch, we couldn’t not have him in the top ten! He has to drive through New York City while he hosts for cryin’ out loud!

Number 4 – Drew Carey – Who’s Line is It Anyway? The Price is Right (1998-)

We weren’t originally thinking Drew deserved to make the list on only his Price is Right work, though he has been a great replacement for the OG Bob Barker. We internally debated, but upon further review, and the realization that although the points DON’T MATTER, technically speaking Who’s Line Is It Anyway? was indeed a game show.. And Carey was ALWAYS on point with off the cuff jokes and great wit. The improv show has had a multitude of characters who perform as “contestants” but because of Drew’s dedication to entertainment, and his versatility, he makes the list at Number 4.

Number 3 – Richard Dawson – Match Game, The Family Feud (1973-1995)

It’s probably a good thing Richard didn’t host game shows in today’s era, because he was always smacking female contestants with a friendly smooch during his long tenure on The Family Feud. Different time, different era, as most of the contestants seemed to yearn for the Dawson smooch. (Admittedly it is totally cringe to see now lol) But Dawson was a pillar in the game show landscape for over 2 decades! He started as a panelist on the famed Match Game with Gene, His dry yet sultry sense of humor made for a lovely unpredictable half hour every time he graced the TV screen.

Number 1 (Tied) – Bob Barker – The Price is Right (1950–2007)

If you’ve made it this far.. you know who the final two are. We couldn’t bring ourselves to name a top winner with the recent passing of Alex Trebek, so we have 2 number 1 winners! 1 of the 2 GOATs of Game Show Hosting, Bob Barker is just too good at hosting. He was the babysitter to every kid who stayed home from school for over 30 years, and before the Price is Right he was featured in games like “Truth or Consequences” from 1956-1975. He closed every episode by trying to advocate for animal rights and pet population safety. If his hosting duties weren’t good enough to top the list, his boxing match with famous 90’s golfer Happy Gilmore is.

Number 1 (Tied) – Alex Trebek – Jeopardy! (1973-2020)

This man hosted the longest running game show to date, giving questions to answers….. WHO IS ALEX TREBEK! The legend of Trebek has been in the minds eye of every American who’s ever watched TV. If you don’t know the Jeopardy! theme song by heart, you’re probably either not from this country, or not from this planet. Alex graced the stage with class every weeknight, and followed Pat Sejak and Vanna White to run arguably the most popular trivia game known to man. When he passed this last year, an assortment of hosts have taken his place, but no one will ever replace the man, the myth, the legend that is Alex Trebek. Not even Will Ferrel on SNL. Did Sean Connery really have beef with Alex in real life?

Well there you have it folks, this wraps our countdown of the top 15 Game Show Hosts of all time. As game show hosts ourselves, we pride ourselves in recreating the beauty, hilarity, and unpredictability that all 15 of these amazing people represented. If you are looking for a fun way to engage your students, or your employees, we can provide an inspiring event either in your place, or virtual! Just reach out via our contact form!