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There is a certain art form that is required for the Game Show Host. When we began this business way before you were in college, the game show host was the most important part of the show. Adam Ace, the original host, was obsessed with the art of the game show for his entire life. A comedy career drove him to love the stage and audience, and eventually he transformed his act into a live event game show! Fast forward to today and we are running virtual and live game shows all over the country!

To keep our Best Ever list going, we wanted to tackle the top 10-6 of the most inspirational game show hosts of all time! Without further adeiu… Here is number 10

Number 10 – Pat Sajak – Wheel of Fortune (1981-)

How about an “L” for Longevity? This classic staple of American dinnertime has been the face of Wheel of Fortune since all the way back in 1981. If you’ve never seen Wheel of Fortune, you’re missing out! One of the best who’s of all time also features possibly the top assistant of all time – Vanna White. The world of game shows wouldn’t be what it is today with the pair, and without Wheel of Fortune.

Number 9 – Dick Clark – The $10,000 Pyramid (1973-1981)

You may remember a bit of Dick Clark from somewhere in your life, but if you’re reading this blog you probably don’t remember the $10,000 pyramid. Clark was famous for his New Year’s Eve work, but he was all over television for years. We would be remiss to not put good old Dick on the top 10. He was famous for his pre commercial break chats and offering quirky clues to contestants to help come up with the intended phrase or question.

Number 8 – Chuck Barris (The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, The Gong Show)

Not only a host, Chuck makes our list for his work behind the cameras in addition to his work on them. You’ll notice that some of our favorites are more of an on- air personality, where as some may be more known for what they created. We take pride in not only the way our hosts work, but the work that goes into each game and ensuring it is a truly unique experience for everyone. Chuck not only created 2 of the best of all time in the Newlywed Game, and The Dating Game, but one of the most underrated and kooky shows of all time – The Gong Show.


Number 7 – Allen Ludden (Password 1961-1975)

If you’ve seen Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy- You’ve probably heard of the game “Password”(His version was a bit different) One of the original and best game shows of all time, Password was a legend that would ramain famous forever. Some of the best moments in game show history come from Password, and the game would never have been what it was without it’s famous host, our number 7th most influential game show host of all time, Allen Ludden.

Number 6 – Gene Rayburn (Match Game 1962-1982)

The original skinny microphone! Gene Rayburn has to make the top ten as he brings in number 6 on our list. Again, we don’t expect our youngest fans to remember Gene, but if you’ve ever tuned into some vintage Match Game on the Game Show Network, you’ve seen him. Match Game brought the best out of everyone, featuring some of the best celebrities like Betty White and Richard Dawson… who is sure to make this list!

Stay tuned to our blog where we will always keep you up to speed on all of our newest game shows, any special seasonal promotions and just good old fashioned game show fun! We will round out our top 15 to close out 2020 and don’t forget if you or someone you know is interested in booking a live game show for your event, whether virtual or in person, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We will respond within a day or so and hopefully we can get your event set up ASAP! Have a great weekend!