As a provider of live entertainment for colleges, high schools, and corporate companies, we’ve been an industry leader for a few years. The live entertainment industry is ever-changing, and we have always strived to put together the most exciting and engaging live experience possible. Each live event featured a full comedian game show host, along with a stage set with working sounds and lights. As we start opening up (hopefully) over the next few months around the country, we are sure to see a few live events start popping back up. We will work with regulations required due to COVID and social distancing. One thing you may not know about yet, is we have virtual events!

Here’s a few things we can assure you’ll get with a virtual game show experience…

Laughs on Laughs

Anyone who’s watched a game show live knows there’s always a good time. We hire professional hosts that double as professional comedians for a reason. No matter who hosts your show, we hire only the best! Our leader Adam Ace, the OG host is the personal judge to see if someone has what it takes to be an official Event Game Shows host, because, well… he is the Original Event Game Show Host! Who would know better?


Our live game shows have always been interactive, but the virtual game show takes interaction to the next level. A live game show can include everyone in the audience, because everyone is participating and engaging, but a virtual game show allows each and every person to be a contestant! This is perfect for large groups, and especially perfect during this remote era. Having a virtual game show event can bring in a high amount of people!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

It wouldn’t be a real game show experience if you didn’t actually win something. What fun would that be? Anyone who is a part of your game show experience can win, and your winners will receive their cash virtually! We can send payment via Venmo, or provide gift cards if cash is not an option for your party. When you add money into the mix… people start really competing!

If you want to learn more about setting up an event game show for your group, team, school or organization, it’s so easy! As opposed to a live event, you can have something set up in only a few hours! We don’t need to set up/knock down… so not only is it a bit more affordable, but we can get it started quicker than ever!