Did you see the story/uproar about how Harvard University will continue charging the same amount of tuition despite the class schedule moving to a completely online model. Many of our affiliates around college campuses saw somewhat of an uptick in workload and expectations for college students toward the end of last semester. Not knowing what to expect has been challenging for all of us.

One thing is for certain, you can’t quit grinding under any circumstances. It’s important to look within and work hard at whatever it is you do during these times! Professors, students, and families are all adjusting to the climate of today’s world, so kick back and look forward to a new future. 

One thing that we’ve noticed over the course of the last few months, is the response for virtual events has been nothing but positive. Under the extenuating circumstances, many student directors around the country have scrambled to find good, engaging use of their budget. Our agents along with our talent have really put creativity and ingenuity together to form a large selection of virtual events for college programs.

Here are 3 BiG reasons Why Virtual Events Have Gone Over Well Thus Far

High Engagement

We try to stay the course and look at what works and what doesn’t. Part of the success of any of our novelties or entertainers is the level of engagement. This includes several variables, but when it comes to virtual events, the engagement is rapid, and gathers large numbers. Many of our performers and entertainers have adapted programs to really interact with the audiences, and provide custom tailored performances for your school. 

More Booking Opportunities

One strange, yet positive effect that virtual events have for student directors is that because the entertainers are not traveling as much from place to place, they have more opportunities to do shows. Many of our programs have multiple hosts available for live virtual events, and we have several interactive options that can be used seasonally, or regularly. 

More Affordable

Simply, some programs can be adapted to be a more affordable version than it would be for the full, live scale production. Many student directors have found that some options can be broken up into multiple events that provide higher levels of total engagement. This means you’re really getting the most out of your budget for entertainment and events for your school!

If you want to learn more about some of our virtual events, you can just visit the Virtual page to see all that we have, or you can contact us and we can go over any questions you may have!