The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been far reaching.  With so many people in isolation right now, the need for virtual entertainment is more apparent than ever before.  Today we’d like to introduce you to our brand new Virtual Game Show Events!  We’ve worked diligently these last few weeks to transpose all your favorite event game shows to a virtual environment.  The goal was to create a way for everyone to enjoy our great game show fun, from the safety of their own home.  Here’s everything you need to know about our new and exciting virtual format!

Virtual Game Shows | What You’ll Need

We wanted to make sure our virtual game shows were easily accessible for all students who participate.  All they’ll need is a laptop, tablet or phone and a solid internet connection to view and interact with our live streamed event.  Students will get to enjoy the same great atmosphere as our live shows.  They’ll be able to play their favorite game show events, listen to our hilarious host and have a chance to win real money!

How To Play Our Virtual Game Shows

On the day of your virtual game show event, students will click a link that allows them to enter the show.  Once in, students will be able to answer our multiple choice trivia questions or mark off their Playlist Bingo card using their devices.  Game winners will be announced on stream allowing participants to flex their awesome game show talents to everyone on stream!  Our comedy game show host Adam Ace will be there to moderate the entire event and make sure everyone is having a great time.  If students have any questions, our host will be available 30 minutes before the show to explain how everything works.

What Can You Win | Virtual Game Show Prizes

One of the best parts about participating in an event game show is that you have the chance to win real prizes.  Even though in this format we won’t be able to hand them out in person, every participant will have a chance to win the same great prizes.  If you’re familiar with our event game shows, you know the prizes we’re talking about are cold hard cash!  Every virtual game show event comes with $200 in cash prizes that will get dispensed at the end of the night.  Participants need only to link their Paypal or Venmo accounts and they’ll receive their winnings instantly!

We know that times are tough right now so we want to lift your spirits with our awesome virtual game show events.  Since we turned our event game shows into a virtual format we’ve received rave reviews from colleges all over the nation who have participated.  If you want to deliver the same great experience for your university, get in touch with us today!  Our team is ready to assist you with booking information and any other questions you might have.