Welcome back to the blog here at Event Game Shows! Today, we wanted to take some time to touch on some of our game shows that are incredibly easy to follow along with. We want to make sure as many of your employees as possible don’t need a crash course. We want to ensure they can dive right into the fun! 

The Price is What?

One of the popular game shows we offer here at EGS is The Price is What? Based on a staple of American game shows, The Price is Right, this game has you guess the cost of retail items. The closest to the actual price win, and like in classic Price, you can’t go over with your guess. Of course, it wouldn’t be an EGS game show if that was all – take part in our crazy challenges with cash prizes! Knowing how popular this game show is, we even have a wide array of audience inclusion questions, so you don’t need to be on stage to have a great time.

The FREE MONEY Game Show!

Arguably the most popular game we have available, The FREE MONEY Game Show is a “Name That Tune” style trivia game that covers music, movies and TV shows for the chance to win FREE money! Participants buzz in when they know the song, movie or tv theme, or quote played. Disney, Broadway, Rap, Rock, Netflix, Nickelodeon and more slices of pop culture are featured in this entertaining and engaging show! 

TV Theme Bingo!

Love the small screen? Do you have your favorite TV show themes seared in your head? Prove it and show off your stuff with TV Theme Bingo! Pulling from childhood classics, Netflix properties, HBO hits, Hulu classics and more. This TV-themed take on our ever-popular playlist bingo tests your knowledge of theme songs from current and former must-watch shows like “Stranger Things”, “How I Met Your Mother”, and more! 

Our game shows here at EGS are available in multiple formats. You could have your professional comedian host at your event live in person, or live-streamed to your location via our state-of-the-art technology! Virtual or in person, we bring the show to you

Start Your Show! 

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