Welcome back to the blog here at EGS! Today, as the school year has wound down, let’s talk about some corporate game show offerings we have and their benefit for team building

Game Shows are perfect for getting your team running smoothly. They’re a perfect icebreaker and really bring everyone together. Laughter unites like nothing else! Plus, you can even learn a few new facts. 

Our Corporate Game Shows are Good, Clean Fun! We’ve had hundreds of clients reach out to us and experience our engaging and team-building game shows. You can choose from our wide variety of game show themes, falling into three styles. Trivia Game Shows, Bingo Game Shows, and Game Shows Seen on TV. 

Trivia Game Shows for Team Building 

team building has never been easier than it is with event game shows!

The trivia game shows we offer here at EGS are top-notch, entertaining, and could even leave you with a few new nuggets of information. We have over a dozen options to choose from! Between the fan favorite Free Money Game Show, the brand new Wizard Trivia, a classic in Binge TV Trivia and so many more, there’s an abundance of options to go over! Check out our Trivia Game Shows page to see our full roster.

Bingo Game Shows for Team Building

Here at Event Game Shows, we don’t only have trivia hits, we also have a smorgasbord of Bingo Game Shows! Each show is easy enough to understand, being based on the classic numbers-calling game. We have more than a dozen bingo games to choose from! We have music fan favorite Playlist Bingo, Disney-based Most Magical Bingo, and cinephile favorite Movie Bingo! Check out our full roster at our Bingo Game Shows page.

Game Shows Seen on TV

Do you love Family Feud? Never miss an episode of The Price is Right?  We have those TV classics here played the way you know and love. You’ll be feeling like you’re on the show, winning CASH! Check out The Survey Game Show, The Price is What?, Spin the Wheel, and the rest of our selection over at our Game Shows Seen on TV page

Start Team Building Today With Your Game Show! 

You want a game show, you know that EGS has it! We’re always adding new games to our impressive roster of events for your student and corporate events, so make sure to stay up to date with our blog so you don’t miss a thing. You can also find us on Facebook! We currently stand at 25 shows but that’s always expanding. 

Corporate party planners also love having EGS and our game shows! Check out our corporate game show events page to see some testimonials from corporate audiences and our charity donation options.

You can also find more testimonials and a brief FAQ that should answer many of your questions if this is your first time hearing about us. Check them out! 

Get In Touch! 

Get in touch with Event Game Shows and start your show! Here at EGS, we know the art of the show, and we always bring the dough. Get started by calling us at 800-993-6366, emailing [email protected], or by filling out our contact form!