June is pride month! Celebrate this celebration of LGBTQIA+ figures, achievements, and pop culture with us by booking one of our two Pride-themed game shows. Give our Pride-themed Bingo game and our Pride Trivia game a try!

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Pride Trivia Game Show

How much do you know about Pride history? Put your knowledge to the test with this trivia game show! Our entertaining and engaging game show that you know and love from your student events and corporate parties is specifically tuned to learn about allies and educate, recognize and celebrate LGBTQIA+ figures and achievements. 

This hilarious game show is like our others, broken into 4 rounds of play so multiple people have a chance to win cash prizes! Show off your Pride and dust off your smarts with this fast-paced trivia game. 

Pride Bingo Game Show

Here at EGS, we don’t only have Pride Trivia, we also have Pride Bingo! Similar to fan-favorite Playlist Bingo, the twist on this classic numbers-calling game is we play snippets of songs! The featured artists are all part of or embraced by the LGBTQIA+ community. Our playlist features songs ranging from Broadway hits to Elton John and Sam Smith. 

EGS’s Pride-Themed Game Shows Are Educational and Engaging! 

Pride Trivia and Pride Bingo are hosted by one of our two incredible and hilarious hosts, Gerry Mastrolia and Jason Bea Schmidt. Both are part of the professional drag troupe the Golden Gays™. These two are both hysterically funny and very entertaining, virtually guaranteed to have you and your audience roaring with laughter the whole night! 

Event Game Shows is the best name in the game for college and corporate event entertainment. We do it better than anyone! You wouldn’t find the guy in a suit to be your lawyer, you’d find a licensed attorney you trust. You should treat your entertainment for your college and corporate events the same way, and only trust the best! 

Start Your Show!

Make sure to stay up-to-date with our blog! You can also check out our Pride Bingo page for more information about these shows. You can find our roster of shows on the Trivia Game Shows page, the Bingo Game Shows page, and Game Shows seen on TV! If you’re here as your company’s event planner, check out our Corporate Game Shows page. 

Here at EGS, we KNOW the art of the show, and we ALWAYS bring the dough! Make sure to call us at 800-993-6366 or fill out our contact form at any time to bring Pride Trivia, Pride Bingo, or any of our other game shows to your campus or event location.