Adam Ace, our original OG host, began running game shows many years ago because he felt that the game show was the one true American pastime. You get everything with a game show experience. Fun, family time, competition and of course, PRIZES. 

If you are a college planner or event organizer who needs good clean fun, a live or virtual game show hosted by one of our amazing hosts could be your answer.. We talk about some of the greats and what you can expect from our experiences here on the blog, so let’s have some fun and take a look back into game show history….

GOAT Swap?

The hosts of the two game shows were great friends, and one night their producers hatched a fun prank idea – what if the hosts just… swapped jobs for a night with no warning? Well, it came to pass on April Fools Day in 1997. 

When Wheel of Fortune came on to its usual fanfare, one thing was off. Alex Trebek was introduced as host! The usual co-host was missing and replaced by Sajak’s wife, Lesly. Pat Sajak would be a contestant for this show along with Vanna White, his longtime co-host.

The next time slot was Jeopardy! And again, the show comes on to its usual applause. But instead of Trebek hopping over a studio to host the show, Pat Sajak walked out! The contestants were a little confused at first, since Jeopardy! Was taping an otherwise normal midweek episode and Trebek wasn’t on the show. 

Once the confusion on the latter show ended, fans at home and contestants were amused by the switcheroo, having a laugh and applauding along with the studio audience. 

A Peek Behind the Curtain…

On the former show, we got a peek behind the curtain and into the friendship between Trebek and Sajak with their ribbing and banter throughout the game. They didnt take long to open the banter as Trebek started getting on Sajak about his time as a weatherman on the news. The game started, and the producers got to use a puzzle phrase they’d otherwise not get the chance to. The puzzle? “Pat, I’d like to solve the puzzle”. 

The game went in good fun, and in the end both Pat and Vanna won $25k for their respective charities. 

On the Jeopardy! Side, Trebek wasn’t a contestant. However, the contestants who were a part of the show found humor in the switch, and the show had some Wheel-based prompts in addition to its general knowledge base. They started off tearing through the “novels & authors” column, saving the Wheel of Fortune themed columns for later. 

The whole show was themed for April Fools, with the next slate of columns dealing with practical jokes, fools errands, april, etc. Laughs were had all around, and the biggest winner was the audience for being able to watch two instant classic episodes of television back-to-back. 

Book a Live Game Show for Your Next Event!

That’s all, folks! As game show hosts ourselves, these two legends inspire us to this day to make our games as much fun as possible. The great lesson they’ve handed down to not take themselves too seriously and just having fun is something we incorporate ourselves. Want to book one of our shows? Contact us and we can get the ball rolling! There’s something for everyone at Event Game Shows.