Here at Event Game Shows we aim to provide the best live and virtual live game show experiences in the country. We have been working at this for over 15 years to be the premiere provider of game shows for college events, and we’ve even seen our events reach some pretty amazing companies for employee engagement events. Part of being the best game show event experience is studying the ever evolving game show industry, and how they continue to inspire and entertain millions all over the world!

One of the most famous game shows of all time is obviously Jeopardy! We’ve talked here on our blog in the past about some of the best replacements for the OG Game show host Alex Trebek. Ever since his passing, there have been a few hosts, some better than others, even a famous Green Bay Packers fan. No one will ever truly replace the Great Trebek, but the legend that he created with the game of Jeopardy will also never be replaced, as it has proven even after Alex that it can stand the test of time.

A Buzz Around the Tourney

This years annual “Tournament of Champions” will be the first ever without the original host, but won’t be without talent. The executive producer Mike Richards told USA Today that he was “unrelenting” in his mission to get the Tournament on air this year. After everything that the country has been through, it seemed unrealistic to execute, but the passion was unwavering.

“It was only one piece of normalcy that we really wanted to inject into this season, and ultimately, as we moved the dates around and we were able to reach out to all the champions and ask, ‘Are you willing to travel?’ And ask ourselves, did we feel like we can comfortably protect them when they came?” he said.

An entire hotel was booked out to keep competitors safe and carry out the tournament during COVID. The new host for the tournament of champions? None other than former champion Buzzy Cohen.

A bit different..

Buzzy isn’t the first former champion to host, as Ken Jennings served as the first interim guest host. When Cohen was a contestant on the show, he had joked with Alex about the potential of hosting..

“Alex and I had a funny exchange about my interest in potentially hosting someday when he retired, so the folks over at Jeopardy knew that it’s a dream of mine,” he said. “I didn’t think anything would come of it, and I certainly wasn’t calling Sony, being like, ‘Hey, can I get a shoutout?’”

Cohen noted how though he was a fiery competitor, his hosting persona will be a different kind of vibe.

“[Hosting] is about being reverent to the clues, being reverent to the contestants. I think that what Alex was good at, and what I really tried to embody, was when there are moments where you can bring levity, I do it,” he said. “But certainly, there’s Buzzy as a contestant and Buzzy as a host: It’s a different role, and there’s a different responsibility.”

What is… a Quarter Million.

The 10-day event is divided into quarterfinals, semifinals, and the finals. Three contestants each day will compete to reach the semis, and four Wild Card players will also advance. The three players who win the semis will face off in the Grand Champion final and win the $250,000. Here are your competitors for the ultimate prize..

– Ryan Bilger: Macungie, PA; 4-day champion; $107,049
– Karen Farrell: Woodbridge, VA; 8-day champion; 159,603
– Ryan Hemmel: Los Angeles; 4-day champion; $104,526
– Ben Henri; St. Clair Shores, MI; Teachers Champion; $100,000
– Sarah Jett Rayburn: Hutto; TX; 4-day champion; $89,300
– Mackenzie Jones: Tulsa; 8-day champion; $204,808
– Sam Kavanaugh: Minneapolis; 5-day champion; $156,202
– Steve Moulds: Louisville, KY; 3-day champion; $85,603
– Jennifer Quail: Dowagiac, MI; 8-day champion; $228,800
– Nibil Sarma: Eden Prairie, MN; College Champion; $100,000
– Paul Trifiletti: Athens, GA; 5-day champion; $106,801
– Veronica Vichit-Vadakan: Portland, OR; 4-day champion; $89,001
– Kevin Walsh: orig. Williamstown, NJ; 5-day champion; $111,301
– Andy Wood: orig. Ann Arbor, MI; 4-day champion: $91,999
– Jason Zuffranieri: Albuquerque, NM; 19-day champion: $532,496

Good luck to all the competitors and remember! If you are a college event planner, or looking for a great way to give your company a break, Event Game Shows is a premiere provider of both in person and virtual events!