When the pandemic hit, we weren’t sure how things would look about now. Admiteddly, we weren’t sure how live game shows would work out if live shows weren’t allowed. Especially once we saw that campuses were emptying, and knowing how this virus has spread, we were forced to find a solution. Well, though the pandemic itself hasn’t exactly been predictable, we’ve started seeing the amount of engagement swell with our virtual events!

High Engagement

A huge element of the game show being something that is fun and exciting is the fact that it’s a live show up on a stage. We have spoken at length about how the lights, the sounds, the audience are all vital parts of the game show experience. Well, we took those elements and put them at forefront of our virtual events. We are able to engage so many more students at a time, because the students can watch from wherever they are! We’ve seen this level of engagement continue to rise as more and more students have given us the opportunity!

Fun for Anyone

We’ve even seen other groups start to come forward to try our exciting virtual events! We primarily work with college student programming directors, from schools all over the United States, but we’ve also started getting requests from elementary schools, high schools, assisted living facilities, and even corporate work parties! The fun doesn’t stop and in this day and age, it’s nice to be able to connect virtually to help lift everyone’s spirits.

Play from Anywhere

Because so many schools around the country are working hard to decide what level students should be on campus, in the dorms, or even in classrooms, we’ve specifically set up these virtual events to be able to allow your users or students to play from wherever they are. Each player is sent a specific place to go, where they will log in, and play from. The games require the players to interact about every 60 seconds, so don’t miss your turn or you might miss out on winning real money!

Cold Hard Cash

All of our games, regardless of being virtual games, include cash prizes for the users. Because we won’t be in the same place playing the games and be able to hand it over like our standard live events, we use Venmo to send out money to the winners. All winners will receive their money within a few hours of the show! One way to keep everyone feeling like they are on a game show is to give away real game show money!

If you’d like to find out more about our virtual events, just reach out via our contact form with who you are, where you are, and when you’d like to do a virtual event! We can’t wait to hear from you!