Many people, especially college students, are struggling to stave off boredom during this time of isolation. If you are a college events coordinator, you already know the importance of providing fun campus events for students.  This need is magnified more so now as we all deal with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.  Since we’re all trying to stay safe indoors, it’s the perfect time to try our new virtual event game shows.  Here are a few of the great virtual game show options that we can provide for your next campus event.

Playlist Bingo

Many of today’s youth find the traditional game of Bingo to be a little dull.  You might think that it’ll be hard to get many students to participate if you host a live Bingo event on campus, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Our modernized version of Playlist Bingo is one of the most popular live and virtual game show experiences that we offer.  Students always get excited as the music starts playing and they mark off their card with the hope of winning real cash.  With $200 of guaranteed prize money and roughly a 75 minute time slot for the event, many students will walk away with a fatter wallet at the end of the event.

Cell Phone Smack Down

Everybody loves a good round of trivia or two as they try to flex the amount of random knowledge they know.  In this version of a competitive trivia game, participants will use their cellphones as their buzzers to answer various types of trivia questions.  You can find our virtual game show app Cell Phone Smackdown in the App store or on Google play and that’s you’ll need to participate.  Similar to our Playlist Bingo event there is a guaranteed $200 cash prize to be given out during the event.  Students will want to get their button fingers ready as soon as you schedule this awesome virtual game show event.

Free Money Game Show

Is there anyone who wouldn’t get excited to play this virtual game show event?  As the title suggests, students who play can win real money just by playing along and having fun.  Our Free Money Game Show is kind of like a mix of Minute to Win It and Jeopardy.  Although the physical challenges can’t really function in the virtual format, this event still makes for a compelling trivia game.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what the event is. With “Free Money” in the title, students will be itching to participate in this virtual game show.

As always, our virtual game shows are booking up fast so don’t hesitate to schedule one for your next campus event today.  Give us a call for booking assistance or for more general information on our unique virtual game shows.