Virtual Game Shows

We have several game show options! Here’s a quick look at Top 3 of our virtual games.

Playlist Bingo

A modernized version of Bingo that combines music and trivia!

Cell Phone Smackdown

People compete in a trivia battle using their phone or tablet as their buzzers to answer trivia questions of all topics.

Free Money Game Show

Like “Minute to Win It” & “Jeopardy” All Rolled Into One!

Virtual Casino Game Show

Casino-themed guessing games and trivia hosted by a world-class magician!

Show Biz Quiz

Trivia competition about movies, music, television and everything else you can imagine!

Choose Your Own Game Show

Give the students what they want! Participants get to play whichever game show and category gets the most votes!

That’s cool and all, Mr. Website, but…

How exactly do virtual game shows work???


You will compete against other students by playing one of our Virtual Game Shows while watching the host on your tablet or computer!


On the day of the event you’ll get a link to enter the game on your tablet or computer to Watch the Host and participate in the game.  The host will be online 30 minutes before the show to answer any questions you may have


Once you log on to watch the host he will send you a link for your playlist bingo card and you will be ready to play! 


$200 in Cash Prizes will be given out and sent to the winners after they send us their school email address and we will send them the prize money via their Venmo or PayPal accounts as soon as the game is over!

It’s that simple!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re so excited about how many colleges have participated and downright impressed with how much engagement these virtual events have drawn nationwide! Stay safe during these trying times, but remember that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!