Welcome back to the blog! We know you’ve seen our recent posts where we talk about how we’re always adding NEW game shows, so let’s show one off for you today! Pride Month doesn’t stop in June, it goes year-round with this new game show, Diva Bingo

What is Diva Bingo?

Diva Bingo is similar to one of our most popular games, Playlist Bingo! We’re sure you’re aware that our bingo games aren’t entirely the stuffy-numbers calling games your grandparents play, but just in case, let’s go over the basics. 

Diva Bingo is a musically-focused, fully-fledged game show! All the bells and whistles you know and love, and REAL CASH PRIZES to win! Like Playlist Bingo, we blend music, some trivia and bingo to give you a unique and tailored experience. With Diva Bingo, the setlist is composed of LGBTQIA+ representation! 

How is Diva Bingo Played?

Our several spins on the staple of bingo are the best! Its pretty easy to play along too, we play a part of a song, and the contestants must know who performs it. If the artist is on their card, they mark it off. The first player to fill out a row, column or diagonal and shout “Diva Bingo,” wins! And if you miss your chance, don’t worry – we plan out time for multiple games to be played. 

diva bingo

Meet The Host of Diva Bingo! 

Your hilarious host for this engaging game show is none other than Gerry Mastrolia himself! Gerry’s native to New Jersey, but has been performing professionally in New York since he was 18. He’s been featured on CBS & E! News, as well as a whole host of performances all over the tri-state area. Gerry is perhaps best known for his work on The Golden Gays™ LLC, a hilarious tribute to TV’s The Golden Girls that travels internationally, regularly selling out his venues! You can find out more about Gerry on his website here

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