Well this isn’t the school year anyone dreamed of, but we are here to help! You can still engage hundreds of students from your campus with virtual events! We were traditionally always a live event game show, but we have taken our show and moved it over to a virtual platform. You can essentially get the game show experience from wherever you can login on a computer! Here are 3 new virtual events that you can bring to your campus!

Choose Your Own Game Show

For this version of our virtual game show, you can give the students what they want! You can have everyone engage and vote to decide which game can be played live! Each student will log on to play, and then a poll is sent out to the students with all the options they can play and then the game is on! You can choose from the Free Money Game Show, Cell Phone Smackdown or any! Let the students pick!

Virtual Casino Game Show

Each round is designed to make you feel like you’re right at the casino! An amazing world-class magician will perform sleight of hand to reveal the answers to the game show questions. Each contestant has a chance at winning real cash prizes! We send out our winners’ prize money right through Venmo or Paypal! Our professional host will be live-streamed from the studio right to the contestants computer or phone, anywhere!

The Survey Game Show- Virtual Edition

You won’t need to worry about Richard Dawson kissing anyone on the lips during this amazing virtual event game show! If you’ve ever watched the Family Feud with Steve Harvey, you’ll know how to play this fan favorite! Using a customized page for your school’s show, we will have everyone log on remotely, and then it’s game on! Each contestant will be able to participate in the survey question rounds and a few lucky winners will play the Fast Money round. Of course..there’s $200 in cash prizes at stake..

These are only a few of the virtual events we have available here at Event Game Shows.. If you want to check out our full selection you can reach out via our contact form. We work with colleges and universities all over the country to provide engaging and inspiring live events. Find out how you can have a virtual game night with Event Game Shows!