jolly holly-days are here!

fun and engaging game shows for the holiday season

We keep the high-energy vibe going steady with our professional comedian hosts. So, grab your holiday sweater and get ready for an unforgettable night of laughter!

Discover which

holiday enthusiast

holds the most

trivia knowledge

about the most

magical time of the

year and who

proudly listens to

their holiday

playlist year round.  

reindeer games

Test your knowledge of the most wonderful time of the year with fun trivia facts, perfectly paired with gingerbread and eggnog. You’ll discover what popular Christmas song was actually written for Thanksgiving, why we hang stockings by the fire, and who was the first president to celebrate Hanukkah at the White House. Four rounds of play and $200 in cash prizes in every game! 

jingle bingo

How chart-topping are your holiday music skills? Think you have the inside scoop on Hanukkah songs? In Jingle Bingo, we’ve compiled the ultimate holiday playlist for the chance to win $200 in cash prizes!

Bust out your holiday music knowledge with a music-themed bingo game where we play snippets of famous songs instead of calling out numbers. When you recognize the tune, mark off the artist on your Jingle Bingo card to dance your way to winnings! Jingle Bingo is a new modern twist to the classic version of Bingo that everyone loves.


$200 in CASH PRIZES up for grabs in EVERY game!

No prep

Let Santa’s elves take out the hassle of planning your holiday event. We handle every aspect of setting up, connecting and distributing prizes for a true plug-and-play experience.


With the largest variety of game shows, we have something for everyone. From corporate events to college campuses, we customize our game shows for audiences of all ages. Send us your information or give us a call to learn more or schedule a demo today. Let's have some fun! 

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