Comedy Game Shows for Corporate Events

There’s nothing more entertaining than seeing your colleagues compete like they’re on TV!

Humor plays a huge role in any kind of live entertainment.  This is true for live game shows even more so than most other events.  After all, game shows are all about having fun, and fun and funny go hand in hand!  If you’re looking for a fun time that you won’t soon forget, consider our comedy game show.

When you book our comedy game show package, it comes complete with our hilarious host, Adam Ace.  As a former comedian, Ace knows all about engaging an audience and creating a truly funny experience.  Between his stage presence and unique sense of humor, your comedy game show event will be one to remember.  Our hilarious host aside, we have a number of different exciting and entertaining game show events available.

One of our most popular events is our Free Money Game Show.  If you’re wondering why this is one of our most booked events, just look at the title!  Not only will students have fun competing, but they get to win real cash as well! In fact, all of our game shows come with cash prizes.  As you might expect, college students will go nuts as they compete to try and win a little extra money. Needless to say, it makes for quite an entertaining experience for the contestants and audience alike.  Playlist Bingo, Total Team Trivia, and Cell Phone Smackdown are a few more of our most booked comedy game shows.