Here at Event Game Shows, we are passionate about the art of the game show. We work with organizations all over the country to provide in-person and/or virtual game show events of all different types. We have worked for years with colleges and universities to provide engaging college events, but we also work directly with some big corporate entities to provide employee engagement! There is something special about game shows that allows everyone to play and everyone to be entertained. Today we wanted to touch on 3 different game show options that have proven to be perfect for any corporate cocktail party or work event!

Here are 3 great game show options for your next corporate party!


We ALWAYS recommend the Survey Game Show for corporate parties because everyone LOVES Family Feud. Check out this blog to learn more about the game! Family Feud is and always will be one of the true OG game shows, and that’s why we bring it up here first. People over 30 tend to really love the As Seen on TV-style shows because it allows them to feel like a kid again. Another great aspect of Survey Game Show is that it gets a lot of folks involved, both with team contestants and the humor of the host and audience.

Flashback Bingo

What better way to bring the team together than to jostle over some old-fashioned bingo!? Bingo games allow everyone to play but with our Host Adam Ace and some CLASSIC humorous memories. Flashback bingo incorporates fun every step of the way and is a great game show choice for companies because it gets people of all ages to connect over laughs. Bingo is obviously easy to play and can be produced both in your event space or virtually!

Virtual Casino Game Show

If you love casino style, and that’s what you’re looking for, we can certainly make your casino party one to remember! We aren’t saying you can’t consider your own casino party, with a blackjack dealer and a smoking section, but we are saying we can improve any casino party concept with the Virtual Casino Game Show! We can host the show remotely with a live comedian host and real CASH PRIZES included! (Did we mention every game includes real cash prizes?)