We wanted to share a happy anniversary message to an icon of the game show hosting gig, Pat Sajak! December 29th marks his 40th year as host of the iconic Wheel of Fortune show. 

Back on December 29th, 1981, Pat Sajak would take over as host for Chuck Woolery. This legendary show would add Vanna White as a letter-turner and co-host the next year to solidify its lineup for the next four decades. 

The show originally began as a syndicated run in 1975 with the aforementioned Woolery and Susan Stafford. Stafford remained a letter-turner for a year until White took over for her. 

Sajak discussed his eventual departure from the show earlier this year. He predicts that he and White would finish their terms at about the same time. Asked about putting a timeline to it, he said “I wouldn’t bet on seeing us in, like, 10 years”. 

It’s always sad to see a beloved icon discuss their departure, but it’s not all sad. The show will likely go on with a new host, and it’s given out almost a quarter of a billion dollars in prize money! 

Does EGS have a show like Wheel?

That probably leaves you asking, “What game shows are available that are similar to Wheel of Fortune?” Well, we do have a game show for you. The Spin the Wheel game is remarkably simple. You spin the wheel and guess where it’s about to land! This exciting game show is sure to be a hit for your company’s casino night event. 

Plus, this engaging activity for your workplace is available both live and in person! But don’t worry, the show is always hosted by a professional comedian. 

Of course, you can have the cash prizes redirected to a charity instead.  That way, the winning can spread and do a lot of good!

Start your show!

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