“Come on down!” The incredibly popular and long-lasting game show we all love, “The Price is Right” is celebrating its 50th season this year. To celebrate one of our favorites, let’s take a stroll down memory lane of this iconic show. 

“The Price is Right” is the longest-running game show in TV history and has captivated audiences for decades. The retail guessing game touches on something almost all Americans share – buying things at retail prices. 

Or, as announcer George Gray puts it, “The game is about how much a can of creamed corn is.” Other games have lifelines or require a broad general knowledge base. On “The Price is Right,” the value of the item is what you need to know, and often times its common things you probably bought somewhat recently.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

while not everyone on the price is right wins, if you don't get a chance to win a pricing game you get $300 in consolation money.
Contestants from a taping of “The Price is Right”.

The game has seen its prizes shift over the years as consumer trends change and new things become important to people. It’s seen announcers and models and hosts turn over. Additionally, showcases started as grandfather clocks, appliances, and furniture. That’s evolved into blazingly quick sports cars, high-end electronics, and luxurious vacations across the globe. Consumer trends have changed over time, and Price manages to keep its finger on the pulse. Even a change in hosts couldn’t stop the show, with Drew Carey seamlessly rolling into the fold in 2007.

Despite the shifts in prizes, the core game itself has remained virtually the same. In order to win that top-of-the-line laptop, a new phone, or sports car, you still need to know their prices. You also still can’t go over the retail price in your guess. The items are always changing but the game remains. 

While we’re on the theme of what’s stayed the same as the game marches on, contestants are overjoyed to hear their name called. When they hear the iconic “Come on down!” they’re jumping and waving while walking to contestant’s row. Additionally, contestants are jumping around their podiums every time they get the price right and double it when the mini-game breaks in their favor. Even watching at home you can’t help but be overjoyed for the regular people winning these lavish prizes. 

The bottom line is: “The Price is Right” is a legendary game show. Plus, without Bob Barker’s incredible stay as host, we probably aren’t here today to bring you our take on this awesome game. Let’s give cheers for 50 seasons of entertainment, and hope we can count on 50 more from current host Drew Carey and whoever follows him should he step down.

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