The Way Things Were              

Before the pandemic, it was common to have relationships with co-workers. After a long week, you may grab dinner and a drink with your pack of friends that you just so happen to work with. Or, your work clique was more competitive and you were in a bowling or darts league, competing with other teams on a weekly basis to win. Either way you let loose from work, it all came to a halt last March. With everything shut down it became nearly impossible to get together and play a game of pool or test your wits by going to an escape room together. With Event Game Shows, and our vast array of remote team activities, you can experience all the fun of going out, and get together with your team for an adventure, virtually and safely from home.

The Way Things Are

Working remotely can be hard, according to a study done by IBM based on their employees, 20% of employees cited loneliness as the biggest challenge. As well, 20% of those in the surveys from IBM cited lack of collaboration and teamwork as the second biggest challenge. This study goes to show that game show ideas for corporate events can change the way your teams work together.

This is probably not surprising to those that have been working from home throughout the pandemic. It has been tough, and lonely, and there needs to be a real effort to get have remote team activities in order to have a good time.

Have A Night Out…. In

Instead of going out to the casino, everyone can stay in and experience the casino with the “Casino Game Show”. You and your co-workers will compete to win real money from the comfort of your own home.

If you are looking for a team building experience that involves more trivia than luck, try the “Show Biz Quiz” to challenge your team to rounds of questions that test everyone’s knowledge of Hollywood and the stars of today.

Come Together

Corporate game shows will bring your office together in the safest way possible and create a sense of inclusivity that will carry throughout the following work weeks. It is important to take the time to get together outside of work to enjoy the company of friends and colleagues from work for virtual team building events.

Online team building events also have the advantage of safety. Before the lockdown, it was common to get together to go out and have a drink or two while playing games, which brings about a safety concern for those driving. Now, you can have your corporate game night with Event Game Shows, enjoy a drink, and feel calm knowing that everyone will be safe in their own homes afterwards.  

Let Us Plan the Party

Whatever the company or occasion, Event Game Shows can help you and your coworkers or employees plan the best virtual team building events that will inspire change and productivity within the virtual office. To learn more about virtual game shows, or remote team activities, fill this out, and we will send you more information and help you plan your next event.