If you need to get to know your team a little better, invite a little friendly competition into the mix. Getting everyone to get together can be easy, you simply put the date, place, and time on each person’s schedule, and they show up… keeping everyone’s attention is entirely something else. That is where Event Game Shows comes in. The grind of working everyday can take a toll, especially during the longest pandemic in history, so taking time to let loose and have fun with those you work with can make the work environment a better place. It just takes a nudge and a little bit of fun to create a community amongst your staff.


Trivia is the perfect setting to allow people to climb out of their shells and show off what they know. Everyone has their own proclivities for what they enjoy and what they have passions for outside the workplace and trivia allows each person involved to shine in their own way.

Cell Phone Smackdown is the perfect trivia game for offices that have gone virtual. We at Event Game Shows will take care of the secure setup for your event, all that you and your team has to do is grab a cell phone, tablet, or computer and the game is on. Contestants will compete in trivia clues and questions from a large variety of categories.

Music Lovers

If your office is full of music lovers, you have some great options as well. Karaoke can be fun, but if you have some shy folks in the office there are some better games and activities. Playlist Bingo is a modernized version of Bingo that involves new and old music trivia.

Looking to win a little money? The Free Money Game Show is perfect for your business. Gather your team for a virtual game show to win REAL money! The Free Money Game Show is like “Minute to Win It” and “Jeopardy!”, but much cooler, because you can actually play it instead of watching from home. Contestants compete in trivia and games, selecting their answers on a cellphone, tablet, or computer and competing for cash.

It’s Live

Each game show offered by Event Game Shows is hosted by a professional comedian that knows how to liven up a crowd, especially in the virtual setting. We will do all of the setup for you, in person or virtual on a secure private network. Everyone can participate and anyone can win. We are operating safely for in person game shows, taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. Or, if you and your group cannot get together, we also offer an amazing virtual lineup of games to fit any office, breakroom, or virtual office. Whether your office needs to let loose, or you are simply looking to shake things up, we have got you covered at Event Games Shows. Give us a call or leave your information here and we look forward to bringing fun to your office.