Our game shows have moved to mostly virtual events in 2020, and though that has been a lot different than what we first created Event Game Shows to be, it has been extremely successful. When we work with a school or organization, you can pick whatever game you want, and we will format it for you. There are a plethora of options available, and we have found that many of our games are perfect for remote team building. There are a few reasons why event game shows can work for your professional organization, here are just a few..

Team Morale Boost

It’s been a long year, as we head into the new year, what a better way to bring everyone together than the magic of a game show. Obviously if we can’t get together in person, we can’t do a game show right? WRONG! Our turnkey virtual game shows are perfect for companies of various sizes, but the more the merrier! We can optimize your game show for your company, or you can pick one of our many virtual game show options!

Engage Differently

Morale is one thing, but it’s widely accepted that an engaged team is a more productive team. We aren’t going to sit here and tell you that a remote team building game show is going to start increasing your sales or anything, but anyone can agree that when we are all engaged and working together, we do better work. Why not look at something a bit different to engage the team looking forward into 2021?

Loosen Up a Bit

Work is hard enough as it is. The world outside of work has looked a lot differently in our country this year. Why not take an hour or two to just sit back relax, and enjoy eachothers company. A remote game show experience allows everyone to play, interact, and communicate from a safe remote location, without needing to go anywhere. If you have a large group or organization who may b perfect for a remote team building activity, you’re in the right place for some fun!

If any of these sound like a reason for your company or organization to have an event, just give us a call or fill out the form below! We are a team of professional game show hosts who provide live and virtual events for people all over the country! This is our business, so let’s see what we can do to entertain and engage yours!