In honor of the success we’ve had with our virtual online game shows, we’re going to count down the top 15 most inspirational Game Show Hosts of All Time! You may have been a part of one of our virtual online game shows for college events, if so welcome back! If you haven’t heard of us before, we work daily to provide online game show ideas for college campuses all over the country. Inspired by some of the best game show hosts around, we can create an inspiring and engaging experience for anyone on campus, or off!

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Here’s Number 15-11 of our Top 15 Most Inspirational Game Show Hosts of All Time!

Number 15 – – Steve Harvey – Family Feud (2010)

Family Feud is one of the best Game Shows of All Time, but depending on how old you are your favorite host could change. There’ve been plenty of famous hosts of the show, but Steve Harvey is the latest and one of the greatest. The ability for Harvey to cut a joke and respond to the kooky contestant answers are unmatched. Steve Harvey is certainly someone who our hosts look up to!

Number 14 – – Howie Mandel – Deal or No Deal (2005)

The whole social distance thing is nothing new to Howie Mandell. The known germaphobe and acclaimed star worked his way up over the years throughout showbiz, but you may remember him as the guy from “Deal or No Deal.” Initially, rumor has it that Mandell turned down the hosting gig for the famous game show initially, but gave in and became the star. Starpower and the ability to connect peoplke whove never met is vital to a great game show host.

Number 13 – Anne Robinson – The Weakest Link (2001)

You are…….theWEAKESTLINK! Goodbye. You have said this at some point in your life. The Weakest Link was amazingly entertaining in it’s prime and Anne Robinson was at the center of each jab. She would keep a cool british calmness that would awaken with a quick witted knock on a humorous or strange answer of a contestent. She is unforgettable in her role and truly made the show.. She makes number 13 on our list of most inspiring game show hosts of all time!

Number 12 – Regis Philbin – Who Wants to Be a Millionare? (1999)

This game show goes down as one of the most anxiety-rising, hot seat, stressful risk shows of all time. Regis was amazing in carrying each contestant through the perplexing ladder of multiple choice questions to the Million dollar prize. Just the way he said the show’s title still rings in our ears to this day. You can’t mention the best game show hosts of all time without mentioning Regis!

Number 11- Marc Summers – Double Dare (1986)

As we inch back into history, some of you may start to lose track of the time! Stay tuned for the top 10 most inspiring game show hosts of all time next month! Marc Summers was known by kids from so many shows, mainly Double Dare and Double Dare 2000. The shows were wildly popular and Nickelodeon did an INCREDIBLE job using sets and physical challenges and changed the game show forever!

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