The lights, camera, magic of a game show is unlike any form of entertainment in history. Before television, there were various forms of entertainment like the circus, and theater of course. Once television, and video camera came into the mix, the capture of competition would become one of the most lucrative sources of commerce ever. The game show model is simple, but complex. It requires extreme attention to detail, along with a passion for the pizzazz. Without the right host, right game, or right flow, it could be a total disaster. Here are a few new game show games for your virtual event in 2020.

Hallowingo | Halloween Playlist Bingo

You may have heard of some of our bingo style game shows, but this fall you can book a quick virtual live hosted Halloween Bingo game show! From haunting beats to iconic theme songs, we play the famous spooky tune, and you dance along! This version of Playlist Bingo is great for anyone from kids, to college students, and even around the office! Ask about booking a virtual Halloween game show game!

TV Theme Bingo Virtual

Some of your favorite musical theme songs from all your favorite TV shows! Students can play with a phone, tablet, or computer and you’ll get a customized TV theme Bingo card with the names of shows. Everyone will tune in and engage with the live host, and of course… virtual cash prizes..

Spooky Magic Hi-jinx

It’s that time of the year, spooky season. What better time for a little bit of magic? When you book the virtual Casino Game Show, you’ll find each player get’s their own experience. The host is a trained magician.. so mix in a bit of casino and chance and you’ve got yourself an incredibly engaging virtual event. These events are perfect because everyone can be a part of the show, but no one is ever alone! These virtual game show games have brought in huge numbers of engagement.

If you want to learn how you can bring a quick virtual game show to your campus, or even more than one, just reach out via our contact form or email [email protected]! We are always working with new student directors and faculties all over the country! Before 2020, we had always been a live game show game company. We realized how awesome the game show game can still be, in a virtual world. We look forward to seeing you at one of our virtual game show games!