So you’re looking for some minute to win games for your club or organization. You’re watching videos on youtube or searching on google. Now you’re just sitting watching old clips from Minute To Win It, wondering if you’ve got what it takes to really pull this together. If you think it’s easy to put together a live game show, go on and try and get over 30 people together and engaged. Oh they’re college kids? Well I’m sure they will love your Guy Fieri impression!

It’s not easy! We’re constantly trying to improve the experience of our live game show events. Things change, students change, times change. The allure and grandeur of a live game show atmosphere, with an experienced on stage host, engaging minute to win it style games, doesn’t change. 

What’s the best part about games like Minute to Win it? The participants? Maybe. The host? Maybe sometimes. We think it’s the audience! The engaged faces of audience members watching Minute to Win Games in camera shots, or even the audience watching at home. It’s truly inspiring how we engage with others and enjoy watching the competition and fun! If you’re looking for minute to win games for a fun college event idea, you might like one of our several live game show experiences! Just fill out this form on our homepage, or give us a call!