Game Show Party | Great for Corporate & College Events

We provide engaging game show events for both college campuses and companies in need of FUN Corporate Events!

What is it that keeps game shows so interesting and relevant today?  After all, they’ve been around for nearly a century and there have been hundreds of different iterations over the years.  We believe it has to do with their universal appeal. Game shows can reach people of any age, gender, or ethnicity because they connect with something that we can all relate to: good clean Fun!  We recognized this over a decade ago when we started our “traveling game show party” and it’s still true today!

The crazy thing about live game show events is that they’re just as much fun to watch as they are to play.  That’s why hosting a game show party has become a popular college event idea. We’ve hosted game show events at hundreds of colleges across the nation and the results are always the same.  Students go nuts everywhere we go as they compete and watch their classmates battle for real cash prizes.

What makes these events truly special is our host Adam Ace.  As a former standup comedian he knows how to read a crowd, make them laugh and keep everyone engaged as they have a great time.  One thing is for certain, booking a game show party hosted by Adam Ace is sure to make memories that students won’t soon forget! Don’t believe us?  Check our testimonials filled with reviews from college students who have experienced our show first hand.